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Debugging apps on Kubernetes: The future is remocal

Some of the most painful memories from my 15-year career building enterprise Java applications have involved remote debugging. But this isn’t just a Java-specific problem. Many of my .NET and Ruby developer colleagues have shared the same challenges.  Through my time working with monolithic apps running on large application servers to building microservices that ran … continue reading

Bugsnag’s new error monitoring features aim to simplify app dev

The SmartBear and application stability management company Bugsnag announced new error monitoring capabilities designed to improve collaboration and team alignments. The features are designed to support code ownership and accelerate the debugging process, especially for large engineering teams, according to the company.  “Most apps have a variety of engineers, including separate engineering teams, working from … continue reading

Angular DevTools Profiler

Angular DevTools extension released

The Angular team has announced the release of Angular DevTools, which is a Chrome DevTools extension. It can be used to help with debugging Angular applications.  Angular recently ran a survey of Angular developers and identified that the areas of the debugging experience that need the most focus include improvements in error messages, understanding change … continue reading

Angular launches debugging guides

The Angular team has announced new debugging guides aimed at making it easier for developers to find errors in their code.  “The best part of coding is when something works on the first try. The next best thing is knowing how to debug errors when things don’t work the first time. As we’ve shared on … continue reading

Rookout announces new X-ray vision feature for third-party dependencies

Debugging platform Rookout has announced a new X-ray vision feature that will enable developers to look into third-party dependencies and check for bugs within them.  The company explained that debugging third-party code, whether from a vendor, an open-source project, or an ex-employee, can present a number of challenges, especially when it comes to debugging. According … continue reading

Intel releases new machine programming tool to detect bugs in code

Intel’s newly released ControlFlag is a machine learning programming system that autonomously detects errors in code.  A recent study estimated that of the $1.25 trillion the IT industry spends on software development every year, 50% is spent debugging code. Intel hopes the new solution will significantly reduce the amount of time and money required to … continue reading

Progress Fiddler Everywhere web debugging proxy comes out of beta with 1.0 release

Fiddler Everywhere 1.0 is a web debugging proxy for Mac, Windows, and Linux that enables users to inspect and debug HTTP traffic from any browser. Version 1.0 includes an improved traffic inspector that enables users to inspect requests and responses with different formats, including Headers, Text, Raw, JSON, and XML.  Also, with Composer Collections, users … continue reading

Undo adds support for Java in LiveRecorder

Undo is trying to make it easier for developers to debug Java applications. It recently announced an early access beta program for its product LiveRecorder for Java.  LiveRecorder allows developers to record, replay, and reverse debug Java applications. LiveRecorder is the company’s flagship product, but up until this beta it only supported C/C++ applications. “Obviously … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Manifold

Manifold is a visual debugging tool for machine learning developed by Uber. Machine learning is widely used across the Uber platform to support decision making and forecasting for features such as ETA prediction and fraud detection, the company explained. The tool aims to help engineers and scientists identify performance issues across ML data slices and … continue reading

SD Times news digest: TigerGraph 2.4, Outsystems + Boncode, and a new Julia debugger

TigerGraph has announced the latest version of its graph database. TigerGraph 2.4 combines graph pattern matching with link analytics, making it easier for organizations to gain insights from their data. The company also announced a new JDBC Connector and the ability for AWS users to use S3 data natively in GraphStudio. OutSystems announces new partnership … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Code Freeze!

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Chanukah, and Christmas right around the corner, online shopping becomes top of mind. And for retailers, these sale days can make or break their entire year. So, when it comes to making changes to your website at such as critical time, do you continue to look to maximize your release … continue reading

OzCode makes debugging available as a service

OzCode is on a mission to reduce the time it takes to debug a service from days to hours to minutes with its latest debugging as a service solution. OzCode provides debugging extensions for Visual Studio. Its latest OzCode Azure DevOps offering is available through Microsoft Azure cloud. “Studies show that roughly 50 percent of … continue reading Protection Status