TigerGraph has announced the latest version of its graph database. TigerGraph 2.4 combines graph pattern matching with link analytics, making it easier for organizations to gain insights from their data.

The company also announced a new JDBC Connector and the ability for AWS users to use S3 data natively in GraphStudio.

OutSystems announces new partnership with Boncode
OutSystems has announced a new partnership with software analysis company Boncode. This partnership will provide OutSystems customers with powerful ways to ensure that their applications are being implemented optimally for maintainability, reliability, performance, and security.

“Development teams are building so fast and adding so much functionality using low-code, they need to be sure their apps get delivered with high quality and no additional technical debt,” said Mike Hughes, senior director of product marketing for OutSystems. “Boncode’s customized solution helps them take full advantage of the benefits of low-code and gives them the peace of mind they need to meet their organizations’ strategic needs.”

Julia debugger has been released
The Julia team is releasing a full-featured debugger for the programming language. Developers will now be able to do things such as manually walk through code when inspecting its state, set breakpoints and trap errors, and interactively update existing code.  All of these debugging features are packaged together in the Juno IDE.

“We hope that the new debugging capabilities further accelerate Julia’s rapid development, and make it that much more fun of a language to use,” the Julia team wrote in a post.

React-Redux 7.0 in beta
React-Redux 7.0 is now in beta. React-Redux provides React bindings for Redux, which is a state container for JavaScript apps. This version will address some of the performance issues that were present in version 6. It also lays the groundwork for designing and shipping a public API for useRedux() -type hooks.

According to the team behind it, this version is the fastest yet and features an expanded test suite.