The .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Preview 9 is now available with .NET 6 RC2 and in the preview channel of Visual Studio 2022 Preview 5. Preview 9 adds support for borders, corners, and shadows across most controls and layouts. In addition, Preview 9 also focuses on performance improvements to help Android apps start instantly.

As a part of this release, updated implementations of several controls are now available. For example, BoxView is a simple, flexible, and adaptive view that is useful for several different needs. IndicatorView works with any collection based control to display an index pagination using whatever shape the user needs. Webview uses the platform native browser control to render online or embedded HTML content. 

In addition, the new Microsoft.Maui.Graphics library offers users a consistent UI drawing API based on native graphics engines, enabling users to easily add borders, corner rendering, and shadows to most layouts or controls in .NET MAUI.

App pricing updates in Google Workspace Marketplace

Google recently added the ability for developers to display pricing for their applications published in the Google Workspace Marketplace, as well as the date their application listing was updated.

With this, developers can now specify the app pricing as either Free, Paid with a Free trial, Paid with free features, or Paid. The pricing for different apps can be updated in the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK – Store Listing tab.

Rocket Software acquires database products from Zumasys

Rocket Software today announced that it has acquired the database and tool products of Zumasys. As a part of this deal, Zumasys will become Rocket’s first MV Modernization Partner.

Gaining Zumasys allows Rocket to innovate at scale, not only to protect the investment enterprises have made in MultiValue products, but also to future proof the MultiValue ecosystem. The acquisition allows Rocket Software to leverage its R&D team to develop and distribute the products as part of Rocket’s Database and Connectivity Business Unit.

“Today we celebrate a bright future for the MultiValue ecosystem, with Rocket continuing to lead in innovation, Zumasys focusing on helping modernize applications, and a community where all MultiValue developers can learn, interact, share ideas, support each other, and grow,” said Gary Gregory, president of the Rocket DB&C Business Unit.