#1: GitHub Résumé
This in-house generator service creates your résumé based on your GitHub repos. It’s great for tech-savvy bosses who want a quick view of a candidate’s GitHub activity before the interview, and since developers have started using GitHub as an unofficial résumé anyway, this is the next logical step. It’s an opt-in feature, so just star the project to make your résumé visible.

#2: High Resolution Browser Logos
Browse this collection of high-res browser logos with transparent backgrounds from Paul Irish. This A-Z logo library is great for presentations, websites or blog posts, packing pretty much every browser you can think of. For the more whimsical crowd, there’s even a selection of “browser ponies.”

#3: Nginx Server Configs
Created by H5BP this open-source project is open for contributions as long as you follow the guidelines for bug reports, feature requests and pull requests. Aside from that, go nuts you crazy Nginxers.

#4: Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.

#5: MSDynamicsDrawerViewerController
The clunkily named MSDynamicsDrawerViewerController is a container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to create a realistic drawer-navigation paradigm. It manages the presentation of a single “pane” view controller overlaid on one or two “drawer” view controllers that are hidden by default, but can be exposed by a user-initiated swipe in the direction that that drawer view controller is hidden in. Still have no clue what this thing does? Ask Monospace, it’s their project.