Cloud Technology Partners, the leader in transforming businesses with cloud solutions, today announced PaaSLane for AWS, a solution to automatically assess application readiness for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provide continuous optimization for the AWS platform.  PaaSLane for AWS is the only solution that analyzes the source code of an application to identify issues that could impact the performance, scalability, stability or security of an application running on AWS.  PaaSLane for AWS dramatically reduces the time and effort to optimize applications for AWS, accelerating migration by 25% or more.
PaaSLane for AWS analyses Java source code, evaluating it for compatibility with AWS and making specific recommendations for how to optimize the code to run on AWS. The AWS edition has 30+ rules to detect potential issues and optimizations for applications running on AWS, as well as over 160 additional rules to identify a broad range of general cloud application best practices.  The solution can also detect the use of third-party database, message queuing and other services; recommending AWS-native services in order to take advantage of their built-in scalability, stability and performance.
Cloud Technology Partners will be exhibiting PaaSLane for AWS at AWS re:Invent, Booths 731 and 733, November 12-15 in Las Vegas.
Additional Information:
• PaaSLane for AWS is a SaaS-based solution that can also be licensed for on-premise usage.
• .NET support is planned for early December.
• PaaSLane is free during beta, and will be free forever for your first application.
To sign up for PaaSLane for AWS, please visit: