It’s now been 11 hours since Microsoft’s last major open-source release. Early this morning, the company pushed the source code for Graph Engine to GitHub. The code includes the distributed in-memory data processing engine, a strongly typed in-memory key-value store, a general distributed computation engine, and the Language-Integrated Knowledge Query (LIKQ) graph query language.

In between all those hyphenated bits of server infrastructure lies a complete graph-processing system. The code to Graph Engine can scale to accommodate billions of nodes, according to the documentation.

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While this release is Windows-only, there are murmurs of a Linux version coming down the development pipeline soon. There is already a Visual Studio extension available for developing with Graph Engine.

The LIKQ query language is also used by Microsoft inside of its Cognitive Services, specifically its Academic Graph API. Both the LIKQ language and the Graph Engine source codes are available under the MIT license.