Companies throughout the globe are seeking to bring their company and company’s brand to the mobile app world and are either paying for professional designers to create their app, or are using a mobile version of their website as their main app. AppsGeyser are looking to change that. The ability to create your own Android app from scratch without having any technical knowledge is what AppsGeyser, the Android app making tool platform, gives to its users and now it has given the users the ability to create a customized app from scratch.

The custom page Android app allows businesses to add additional apps to their app empire using their unique branding style. Businesses that do not have, or do not wish, to use material from their current web presence are able to create an app that will represent their brand using the HTML WYSIWYG tool. The simplicity of the tool allows unique app designs to be created in minutes. Additional personalization features are available in the advanced settings on the AppsGeyser dashboard, they include, customised icons, browser settings and javascripts.

AppsGeyser Android app maker Roger Rose, told us: “I wanted to make an Android app that represents my business, and the new HTML custom page allowed me to create exactly what I wanted with ease.”

AppsGeyser Co-founder Vasily Salomatov, explained, “one of the most common questions that we are asked is if users can make apps to their own designs without having to already have web presence. So, we made this possible with the new custom app making tool feature.”