File-management component provider Aspose recently released Aspose.Pdf for Android 1.2.0, a PDF document creation and manipulation component that allows Android applications to create, manipulate and convert PDF documents without depending on third-party applications.

The new release allows developers to convert a PDF document into an image with the help of the com.aspose.pdf.facades.PdfConverter class. Previously, the feature was only supported in Aspose.Pdf for Java and Aspose.Pdf for .NET.

“Aspose.Pdf for Android is built on top of Aspose.Pdf for Java, and we have worked hard to support this feature in Aspose.Pdf for Android so that our Android customers can also use this handy feature for PDF manipulation,” said the company’s blog.

Also included in the release are newly introduced classes that allow users to develop tables in PDF documents, work with FloatingBox objects, and convert images to PDF.

Newly introduced classes include PageInfo, Paragraphs, NewParagraphPlacementInfo, LevelFormat, Image, Heading, WebHyperlink, TOCInfo, TableImporter, PageGenerator, FloatingBox, BorderSide, BorderInfo, BaseParagraph, BorderCornerStyle, BorderCornerType, MarginInfo, Image, LevelFormat, Hyperlink and HeaderFooter.

Aspose.Pdf for Android 1.2.0 also fixes the text-to-PDF conversion issue.

More information on Aspose.Pdf for Android can be found here.