Electric Cloud is bringing built-in container and microservices support in the latest release of its DevOps release automation solution. ElectricFlow 7.2 focuses on improving speed, efficiency and flexibility. It includes more distribution options for users, and support for modern container technologies and microservices architecture. Newly added support includes Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Container Service (ECS), Google Container Engine (GKE), Microsoft Azure Container Service, OpenShift Container Platform, and Cloud Foundry container-based PaaS

“By delivering ElectricFlow in a simple Docker container, we make it easier than ever for teams to jump-start their DevOps initiatives and orchestrate all the disparate tools in their existing CI/CD process,” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. “By supporting the entire ecosystem so you can deploy to any target within the rapidly growing container ecosystem, we help teams eliminate the ‘rocket science’ aspects of Microservices and Container deployments, future-proof for technology evolution, and accelerate time-to-value.”

Other features include CI/CD capabilities, drag-and-drop features, and policy-based approval gates.

Open-source projects and the Panama Papers investigation
The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is announcing a variety of open-source projects that played a role in the Panama Papers investigation. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Pagers investigation was one of the biggest leaks in journalism history, and used open-source libraries, search and documentation management tools.

“The Apache Software Foundation incorporated 18 years ago with the mission to create software for the public good,” said Sam Ruby, president of ASK. “We are honored that Apache software played a critical role with the Panama Papers, and congratulate the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and their media partners on this prestigious award.”
Projects included Tika, Solr, PDF Box, POI and Commons.

Java 8 in Android Studio
Google announced Android Studio 2.4 Preview 6 with important Java 8 language features to support bug fixes. Fixes were in response to bugs filed by developers.

“For those of you who tried the Jack compiler, we now support the same set of Java 8 language features but with faster build speed. You can use Java 8 language features together with tools that rely on bytecode, including Instant Run. Using libraries written with Java 8 is also supported,” James Lau, product manager at Google, wrote in a post.

Other  features include a new project wizard and plans to include IntelliJ 2017.1.1 in future previews.