Epson America will be showcasing an app that enables hands-free access to YouTube videos on its Moverio BT-100 “smart glasses” at the Google I/O Developers Sandbox, May 15-17 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

In a demo at Google I/O, attendees will be able to select, play, rewind, fast-forward and pause YouTube videos displayed on the Moverio smart glasses with a simple nod, tilt, or turn of the head.

Integrating the latest YouTube API, the app was developed by APX Labs of Herndon, Va. and utilizes the company’s Northstar user interface. APX Labs added a 9-axis motion sensor containing a gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer to the Moverio glasses so the user can interact hands-free with head movements on the YouTube video wall.

Based on the Android platform, Epson’s Moverio BT-100 smart glasses feature micro-projection technology inside the head-set that enables a floating 80-inch display to appear in the center of the user’s field of view. Moverio can power an endless array of applications, such as 3D augmented reality, real-time text transcription and night vision, in any number of industries.

“The Northstar user interface from APX Labs demonstrates the exciting innovation that is possible with the Moverio BT-100 smart glasses,” said Eric Mizufuka , product manager, New Products, Epson America .  “Just one of the groundbreaking apps created for our platform, we hope it inspires developers attending Google I/O to create their own vision of the future with Moverio.”

“Epson has been a tremendous partner in our development of hands-free smart glasses solutions, providing us with a high-quality product with superb optics in addition to being completely accessible,” said Jay Kim , director, research and development, APX Labs.  “They empowered us to work on this fun sample application of our novel user interface.”

Google I/O is an annual developer conference featuring highly technical, in-depth sessions, and showcasing the latest from Google’s product teams and partners. The Developer Sandbox showcases demos from a wide range of developers who have built applications based on technologies and products that are featured at I/O.