Marvell today announced a collaboration with Lenovo in which Marvell’s award-winning and best-in-class ARMADA 1500 Series DTV SoC platform (88DE3100) will power Lenovo’s new groundbreaking S-Series of Android Smart TVs. Lenovo’s latest series of advanced and cost effective Smart TVs are geared specifically for the mass market representing Marvell’s continued leadership and dedication in helping to drive the global adoption of Smart TVs.

“I’m very proud that Marvell’s world-class advanced and innovative technologies and close collaboration with Google have delivered and enabled a breakthrough in bringing interactive two-way experiences to the big smart screen in our living rooms. This is just the beginning of the revolution of the big screen in our homes becoming smarter, much like what we’ve experienced in the mobile industry the past few years with the transition from feature phones to smartphones,” said Weili Dai, Co-Founder of Marvell. “I’m so pleased to see the successful launch of our Google TV and now our Android Smart TVs for Lenovo. I believe the ultimate success of Google TV and Android Smart TVs is just the beginning for Google to drive and empower big smart screen to the masses similar to the movement that led to the wide adoption of Android smartphones globally. We’re thankful for the industry recognition of our vision and leadership. I would like to thank Lenovo and our engineers for their passion, dedication, talent and hard work in developing the advanced products that will bring the connected and smart living room experience to consumers around the world.”

The ARMADA 1500 SoC platform (88DE3100) recently received two esteemed American Business Awards in the “Best New Hardware Product or Service” and “Favorite Hardware People’s Choice” categories. Marvell was recognized for delivering an innovative connected TV solution, meeting the demands of OEMs, service providers and consumers as smart TVs and connected media player devices take a stronghold in the marketplace. Powerful, energy-efficient, ultra-scalable and very affordable, the Marvell ARMADA 1500 Series contains high-performing ARM compatible dual-core CPU and is designed to enable PC-like processing power to support robust web browsing with support for Flash and other key technologies. Qdeo video processing enables an immersive HD and 3D video experience, including scaling, noise reduction, de-interlacing, low bit-rate Internet video enhancement and FRC.

“Lenovo is very pleased to see its vision for China realized via Marvell’s outstanding ARMADA 1500 DTV platform,” said Xiong Wen, Executive Director & GM Digital Home BU of Lenovo. “From the outset, we knew success in the region would require a next-generation platform coupled with palatable pricing. In addition, Marvell’s holistic approach to the connected lifestyle gives Chinese consumers a completely immersive experience today – and a greater degree of seamlessness between their connected platforms and devices in the future.”

As the volume shipment leader and fastest growing PC vendor in the world according to Gartner and IDC respectively, Lenovo has been closely monitoring the China Smart TV market for a number of years. Based on critical initial success in other markets, Marvell’s cutting edge DTV platform emerged as a must-have solution for Lenovo to make a compelling Chinese Smart TV business case. Among other attributes, key to the S-Series’ promise is its ARMADA 1500 powered Android-based operating system and powerful GPU engine, which will give users the irresistible ease of an apps-based user interface – along with two-way streaming – on the most important screen in the house.

Lenovo’s much-anticipated S51 and S61 Smart TVs offer an attractive price point range of $700 – $1,500, which places the line well within reach of mainstream buyers. Available in 42, 47 and 55 inches, key features include a sleek, frameless, mirror-like screen, Full HD 1080p resolution, support for VOD and customized Smart TV apps.