One Hour Translation, the web’s #1 professional translation service, announced today that they will be providing translation services to Android developers directly through the Google Play Developer Console. With the new One Hour Translation support directly from the Google Play Developer Console, every app developer can translate an app, giving them access to a broader set of users around the world.

“This integration is part of our effort to streamline professional translation services with our unique technology advantages. The Google Play Developer Console integration provides an easy way for Android app developers to purchase professional translations of their apps through the Google Play Developer Console and the Eclipse development environment,” says Dr. Lior Libman President and COO of One Hour Translation.

There are over 700,000 apps available on Google Play, and many are published only in English. Nevertheless many of the non-English speaking users would rather use the application in their native language. The new integration enables access to a hassle free professional human translation of any application with a click of a button.

For most mobile apps, localization can ensure additional revenue as it allows the app to broaden its market reach.

“Localization really saved the day with Capitals Quizzer, turning it from nothing into a viable business. I now have over 2 million customers, with big successes in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and elsewhere,” says Ben Ward , Founder of Supergonk, a customer of One Hour Translation that experienced a surge in profits after it translated the app into multiple languages.

With the new One Hour Translation support directly from the Google Play Developer Console, Android application developers can tap into a new audience to access to the fast growing international market. “Most applications are translated into eight common languages, including: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Portuguese (Brazil),” says Dr. Lior Libman . “Internet users in these languages are actually paying for applications online thus localizing the application to their language makes sense.”

One Hour Translation has long been supporting the Google Translator Toolkit which allows translation of multiple localizations and application files including .xml, .arb and .json files; however, with the recent integration, translation of all Play apps is integrated into the application development and publishing stages via the Play store or via the Eclipse development environment.