The Atheer One, augmented reality glasses that work as an accessory to Android, has received US$1.5 million in additional funding on top of its successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Created by Atheer Labs, the eyewear device is unique in that the glasses not only let you view virtual objects, but also touch and move them in 3D space. It projects a 26-inch Android tablet about 50cm in front of your face, and with a sensor depth capability called “air touch,” it allows the user to touch and manipulate it in the air.

The device also has two built-in cameras used for reading virtual newspapers with scrolling pages, and viewing 3D-images and video, with sensors that monitor finger movements to identify actions that simulate pressing virtual buttons.

It connects to Android smartphones through a USB port, so the glasses aren’t wireless like Google Glass. It can also connect to PCs via remote desktop. Through Android, the Atheer One already supports more than 800,000 Google Play apps.

The Atheer Developer Kit ships with a pair of glasses tethered to a box with a Snapdragon processor, and it pairs with the Atheer One SDK to create 3D apps. The SDK builds upon Android APIs with a new UI/UX for the glasses’ 3D see-through environment.  

The Atheer One exceeded its $100,000 funding goal with more than 25 days left in the campaign, and now a Form D filing with the SEC has revealed about $1.5 million more as part of a planned $6.1 million funding round. Atheer’s plan is to ship an SDK early this year, and to ship the Atheer One by the end of 2014.

Once released, the SDK can be accessed through the Atheer Developer Portal.