SecuGen Corporation has announced the release of a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that enables software developers to add fingerprint authentication to their Android based software running on ARM tablets and smart phones.

The FDx SDK Pro for the Android Operating System incorporates SecuGen’s MINEX certified, FIPS 201/PIV compliant template extraction and matching algorithms. 
SecuGen makes its 1:1 SDKs, such as the new Android SDK, available for free via download from the SecuGen website.

Mobile computing is a rapidly growing platform for delivering a wide variety of applications including applications that demand high levels of security such as, finance, health care and medical records, as well as government services.

Dan Riley, Vice President of Engineering for SecuGen said, “We are very excited to be able to offer Android compatibility for our fingerprint readers.  Our partners have been asking for this and our role, as always, is to provide them with the tools that they need.  The Android SDK is one of several exciting new products that we will be bringing to market in 2013.”