#1: AngularJS + Bootstrap Responsive Dashboard
When developer Elliot Hesp lacked a simple responsive dashboard during a project, he decided to make one. This dashboard front end eschews jQuery for a more responsive design. The dashboard’s sidebar toggle is managed by AngularJS, while the grid layout and components are built with the Bootstrap framework. It’s also integrated with Font Awesome icons.

#2: PythonPy
This project from Russell91 is a Python –c command with tab completion and shorthand. The command is coded with features including float arithmetic, direct import access, row-by-row list printing, and the ability to append .txt to each line of input and file in the directory.

#3: Open Source Template Project
The Sendwithus Open Source Template Project is a collection of free transactional e-mail templates. Anyone may contribute new themes and templates or make updates to existing ones. All templates are confirmed and tested to work with the Sendwithus premailer for inlining, though no other inliners are currently supported.

#4: AngularJS Style Guide
Put together by John Papa, the AngularJS Style Guide is a starting point for AngularJS development teams to provide consistency through best practices. The guide covers syntax, conventions and structuring of AngularJS applications, including modules, controllers, constants, application structure and more.

#5: Responsive transactional HTML e-mail templates
The folks at Mailgun have open-sourced their responsive transactional HTML5 e-mail templates, including action and billing e-mails and e-mail alerts to simplify HTML e-mail styling. Mailgun recommends inlining the e-mail’s CSS before sending and using Grunt for e-mail design workflows. More info on the Mailgun blog.