#1: Cocktails for programmers
Ilya N. Zykin, a.k.a. “The Teacher,” brings you a culinary project dedicated to this year’s “Programmer Day,” which happens today, Sept. 13. His list of programming-themed cocktails includes Ruby, Python, Severe Perl, Profit!, Epic fail, Memory leak and more, complete with drink ingredients, directions and delectable photos. Don’t drink and program. Or do.

#2: Know Your HTTP Well
A handy list of HTTP headers, media types, methods, relations and status codes, by Andrei Neculau. All listings are summarized and link to their specifications, complete with a concept or identifier, description, and specs for each entry. From headers and media types to methods, relations and status codes, this list is the ultimate HTTP cheat sheet.

#3: Favico
A JavaScript project by Miroslav Magda, this makes use of your favicon with badges, images or videos. This is version 0.2.0, and it includes webcam support for Opera and Firefox, improved performance for Opera and Firefox, a new animation type called popfade, and code cleanup.

#4: Animo
Animo is a JavaScript project by Daniel Raftery that manages CSS animations. The powerful little tool can stack animations, create cross-browser blurring, and set callbacks on animation completion. Animo makes it easy to visualize and write animations/transitions in CSS using keyframes. Fire off animations at any moment using Animo, or, as Raftery wrote, “put everything together and make a little magic.

#5: DockerUI
 This Web interface for Docker by Michael Crosby is designed to provide a pure, effortless client-side implementation. While still under heavy development, DockerUI interacts with the remote API with little to no dependencies to connect and manage Docker. With multiple endpoints, full repository support, unit tests and file pushes to containers, DockerUI is Docker made easy.