The release of the Cola Bubble Development Kit has been announced, and it’s designed to let developers deliver new conversational experiences directly to their users.

A Cola Bubble is a visual interactive and collaborative way to build new services for customers. Cola Bubbles are also simple app-like messages that work seamlessly with a user’s regular text messages. Users can interact with Cola Bubble inside their own conversations, and they can access external APIs and services. Some examples of Cola Bubbles include a meme generator, movie picker, issue tracker, or a live scoreboard, according to its website.

To get started, developers will need React and React Native. For those who sign up, Cola will send a developer profile and more instructions on how they can get started.

Wave Computing to build deep learning computers
Wave Computing is developing a family of deep learning computers designed to natively support dataflow-based deep learning frameworks like Google TensorFlow and Microsoft CNTK. The computers will be based on the company’s data processing unit and aims to provide better compute efficiency over existing systems.

“We are excited to establish a leadership position in the Deep Learning market with our new approach to computing,” said Derek Meyer, CEO of Wave Computing. “Our approach is based on providing ‘the right tools for the job,’ and we believe our dataflow architecture brings unmatched hardware advantages to supporting dataflow-based software frameworks such as TensorFlow and CNTK. We are looking forward to providing customers a new level of performance for both inference and training.”

Veterans can learn to code
Coding is in high demand for professionals and others seeking to join the workforce, including those who are veterans. To allow veterans to learn this skill, LaSalle Computer Learning Center in Tampa is offering full scholarships to its web application development diploma program, which teaches individuals how to code.

The focus is on Microsoft C# and .NET, and it offers diverse coursework including HTML5, JavaScript, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and other topics. It is a five-month program that starts in September. The Deadline to apply is Aug. 31.

“Military families and veterans have been an important part of the Tampa Bay community’s fabric for many decades, contributing to its strength, diversity and vibrancy,” said LaSalle’s associate director and military liaison, Kasandra Perez. “We want to give back to the many men and women who have served and continue to serve our community and our nation by helping them develop a highly coveted, in-demand skill for the current job market.”