MapR Technologies wants to further Big Data containerization in the enterprise. The company has announced an updated version of its MapR Converged Data Platform that provides new advances for containers such as persistent storage and integrated resource management.

The MapR Platform also introduces Apache Myriad, an open-source project designed to remove barriers between resources managed by Hadoop YARN and Apache Mesos.

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“With Myriad, developers will be able to focus on the data and applications on which the business depends, while operations will be able to manage compute resources for maximum agility,” wrote Jim Scott, director of enterprise strategy and architecture at MapR Technologies, in a blog post. “This opens the door to being able to focus on data instead of constantly worrying about infrastructure. With Myriad, the constraints on the storage network and coordination between compute and data access are the last-mile concern to achieve full flexibility, agility, and scale.”

Other features include:

  • New security, data governance and performance enhancements
  • Database and messaging/streaming capabilities that many containerized operational apps require
  • The new MapR POSIX Client to provide a fully distributed, secure, reliable, read-write file system to Docker containers
  • A new modern data architecture that provides enterprises with flexibility and scale to deploy an interoperating network of computing technologies

“We’ve listened closely to our customers who drive their business on MapR and delivered the industry’s first and only converged data platform built on technology innovations exclusive to MapR,” said Anoop Dawar, vice president of product management at MapR. “Customers gain a strong competitive advantage with platform-wide real-time capabilities to process and analyze data instantly so they can focus their teams on delivering business insights, not on managing infrastructure.”