SEATTLE, WA–Today, APImetrics launched the API Health Report, the first in a series of periodic reports that examine the performance of major public APIs. This inaugural issue looks specifically at the reliability and responsiveness of APIs in a cross-cloud environment, comparing three of the most popular cloud hosting platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Even small differences in cloud platforms have tangible effects on the user experience due to the performance of critical APIs used for mobile apps and backend systems. For example, APImetrics found that DNS lookup tends to impact API performance significantly, and that internal API calls (calls made from an app running on one cloud provider to an app on the same cloud provider) were not necessarily better performing than cross-cloud calls. This kind of information is useful for IT administrators and developers to provide insight into the factors affecting API performance and how these problems can be overcome.

“We want this report to help organizations and software developers gain actionable insight into their critical APIs and infrastructure,” said David O’Neill, CEO and co-founder of APImetrics. “API performance plays a vital role in ensuring application responsiveness, which in turn is vital to meeting end-user expectations and service level agreements. As we move more closely to the Internet of Things and our reliance on public and private APIs increases, these reports will become a great resource for enterprise IT teams.”

The API Health Report’s data is derived from APImetrics’ analytics engine, which has been monitoring API performance since the beginning of 2014. It is now available to all current subscribers at the APImetrics website, and to others via a free download registration. Journalists and analysts are requested to contact Voxus PR for a copy of the report.