GrapeCity Documents 4.1 release

GrapeCity recently announced the releases of both GrapeCity Documents v.4.1 and ActiveReportsJS v2.1. 

The GrapeCity’s Documents API product line provides low-footprint APIs for Excel, Word, PDF, Imaging and JavaScript PDF viewer. The latest version includes enhancements for GrapeCity Documents for PDF, PDF Viewer, Documents for Word, Imaging and Excel. 

GrapeCity Documents for Excel (GcExcel) also now offers more features for SpreadJS integration, such as support for RangeTemplate cell types. 

In addition, the Documents update features a new Signature tool that helps end users add graphical signatures to PDF documents. It also includes updates to the existing .NET Excel Library and API toolkit. Additional details for the GrapeCity Documents v.4.1 are available here.

“In this release, we focus on strengthening our existing feature set and performance metrics and providing full support of features requested and in much demand,” said Shilpa Sharma, the product manager of GrapeCity. 

GrapeCity’s other recent release, ActiveReportsJS v2.1, improves the product experience for developers, report authors and end users with significant enhancements to the standalone report designers and the end-user designer components. ActiveReports is designed to provide code-based cross-platform reporting.

According to the company, the end-user design component no longer depends on bootstrap styles and won’t conflict with an application’s CSS. Expression Syntax now makes it easy to read and write dynamic report content and the updates Tablix Wizard lets developers instantly create pivot table reports.

The new ActiveReports release also upgrades JavaScript developers’ design toolkit for intuitive and dynamic reports. 

The newly added Rich Text Report allows developers to display static or dynamic mixed-format text in reports. It can create mail-merge reports, labels or display preformatted content from a data source. 

ActiveReportsJS v2.1 also comes with new tutorials such as a revised Report Author Guide for learning fundamental concepts and the Standalone Report Designer tutorial so that developers can better understand a report author’s primary tool. 

Additional details on all of the enhancements to ActiveReportsJS v2.1 are available here.