Kong, the API and service life cycle management platform, announced that it acquired the open-source REST client provider Insomnia. In addition, the company revealed new products at its 2019 Kong Summit in San Francisco this week.

The company will continue to support Insomnia as an independent open-source project. With the acquisition, Kong said it looks to expand its portfolio of open-source technologies and to further its new Kong Studio, an integrated service design and collaboration suite. Kong Studio provides tools to help developers design, build and maintain APIs for REST and GraphQL endpoints. It also allows users to edit spec files, generate mock endpoints with Mockbin, and publish directly into the Kong Gateway, Registry and Developer Portal.

“Last year, we debuted our vision for an intelligent service control platform for connecting, managing and optimizing services in production, and we’re excited to expand that vision to include how services are designed, tested and distributed among increasingly decentralized workloads,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO and co-founder of Kong Inc. “With today’s news, we are providing developers the freedom to test and build in the best way possible, while also providing management teams with the tools to ensure efficiency and governance.”

The latest Kong Enterprise release also adds multi-protocol support for frictionless communication across REST, gRPC, GraphQL and Kafka services, as well as enhanced machine learning add-ons.

Kong also announced new open-source releases of Kong Gateway 2.0, which helps developers to write plugins in Go using its Plugin Development Kit, and the Kuma universal service mesh project, improving its performance and stability.

Kong said its goal is to make it possible for organizations to use the latest tools without disrupting the existing architecture by “bridging the gap between legacy and new cloud-native environments.”

More details on Kong’s integration of Insomnia and its new product capabilities is available here.