The Linux Foundation has announced that it will host the Lura Project, which was previously called KrakenD. 

According to the foundation, Lura is a framework for building API gateways. It acts as an aggregator for microservices and is a declarative tool for creating endpoints. 

“By being hosted at the Linux Foundation, the Lura Project will extend the legacy of the KrakenD open source framework and be better poised to support its massive adoption among more than one million servers every month,” said Albert Lombarte, CEO of KrakenD. “The Foundation’s open governance model will accelerate development and community support for this amazing success.”

Mike Dolan, senior vice president and general manager of Projects at the Linux Foundation, added: “The Lura Project is an essential connection tissue for applications and services across open source cloud projects and so it’s a natural decision to host it at the Linux Foundation. We’re looking forward to providing the open governance structure to support Lura Project’s massive growth.” 

KrakenD was created in 2016. Partners of the project include 99P Labs, Ardan Studios, Hepsiburada, Openroom, Postman, Skalena, and Stayforlong.