These days it seems that everyone offers developers an API, from Amazon to Facebook. Sonoa, a startup company based in Santa Clara, believes that your organization provide its own, too.

Sonoa announced today a new beta of its Apigee API management gateway. Apigee is a cloud service that creates a proxy between internal APIs and customers while providing access control and policy-based throttling.

Sharing APIs enables organizations’ partners to integrate with back-end applications, such as ordering systems, according to Sonoa’s vice president of strategy Sam Ramji.

The service will go public within the next several months and will be free of cost, Ramji said.

The beta introduced a redesigned Web interface that draws on feedback from testers to streamline API setup and transaction throttling dialogs. An analytics feature gives developers the ability to trace and debug API requests.

“We try to get each interaction down to under a minute,” Ramji said. “You point Apigee at API endpoints, and it gives you back a proxy URL for everyone to use.”

Apigee also provides SSL support for access to popular Web APIs that are based on HTTPS protocols, including PayPal and Twitter.