Compuware was purchased by private equity firm Thoma Bravo in September, and already that move to take the company private has yielded the unleashing of Dynatrace. Previously only the name of a tool, the moniker now represents the entire Compuware line of application performance monitoring tools.

New name in hand, Dynatrace hosted the Perform Global User Conference in Florida today, where it announced a number of updates to its now-expanded line of software offerings. Dynatrace CMO Nicolas Robbe said that the host of products formerly known as Compuware APM is evolving to include better insights into a changing landscape of application architecture.

“Dynatrace was one of our core products in the portfolio, and we felt the logical step was to extend that brand to cover other parts of the portfolio, including our user insight capability, and the ability to create virtual users to help people simulate real traffic. There’s also another part of our product family which is focused on getting insight from networks,” said Robbe.

At the conference, Dynatrace Application Monitoring was updated to version 6.0. The primary focus of this update was providing the business side of the enterprise with deeper insights into the users of monitored applications.

“What we’re seeing is that the APM space is in transition from a focus on firefighting and finding problems, to creating value for the business. The reason for that is that as you’re instrumenting your code, you’re polling the infrastructure and collecting data that can be extremely valuable for understanding the behavior of users. Are people using more tablets or phones? Are iPhone users converting more than Android users,” said Robbe.

And it is these types of insights that Dynatrace Application Monitoring 6.0 is now able to help businesses gather, thanks to a newly redesigned architecture. “We’re adding gap-free capability,” said Robbe. “We collect, in a production environment, every piece of data that pertains to user behavior, user transactions, etc., and correlate that with user performance. We’re rolling out a new architecture that enables you to do this in Dynatrace 6.0 with an extremely low overhead.”

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring was also shown off at the conference. This new SaaS offering allows developers and IT admins to monitor the various services from which their applications are built. Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring presents a dashboard which monitors services included in applications, such as Facebook’s login service, or Amazon’s ordering APIs. This information can help track down root causes for problems, without sending the developers scurrying off to find bugs when, in fact, Facebook just happens to be down.

The final product under the new Dynatrace brand is Dynatrace Data Center Real User Monitoring, which is reaching version 12.3. This version includes stronger analytics capabilities, and the ability to narrow down problems in the data center network into smaller areas for trouble shooting.

Finally, Dynatrace announced a new free online performance test center, where application performance can be compared to a long list of benchmarks for major enterprises around the world. Robbe said this service allows users at a bank to compare their site’s performance against that of other banks in the region.