Instana, the leader in APM solutions for monitoring dynamic containerized microservice applications, today announced the company has become a named member of the OpenTracing Specifications Committee, after many years as a contributor in the OpenTracing community. Furthering their dedication to the diversity of cloud, container and microservice technologies, the company also announced their Silver Membership at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in addition to new technology partnerships with Docker, Red Hat and Amazon.

“While Instana has been an active participant in OpenTracing workshops and projects for years, we wanted to emphasize our commitment to the OpenTracing standard by becoming a named member,” said Fabian Lange, Instana vice president of engineering. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done with OpenTracing projects over the years to help optimize the developer experience, and excited that we’re hosting the next specification work session this May.”

As the leader in managing cloud-based containerized microservice applications, Instana’s APM solution discovers, monitor and traces applications across a large number of varied technology platforms.

For tracing, Instana includes automatic tracing as well as support for OpenTracing, the leading open source methodology for collecting distributed timing data (a trace) from distributed microservice applications. This hybrid approach gives Instana’s users the flexibility to cover any type of application framework.

Instana’s APM solution leverages automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically monitor, visualize and understand microservice and application performance for complex dynamic applications under constant change. The solution correlates performance and tracing data to help guide users to potential problems and corrective actions.

“OpenTracing represents a much better way for developers to capture contextual data connected to the specifics of the processing requests over traditional logging methods,” remarked Jeff Newton, DevOps Manager at iOffice. “Tracing is a much leaner method, and the fact that the context holds across distributed requests is much more powerful.”

As more organizations increase their reliance on container and cloud-native technologies to deploy applications, the demand for monitoring solutions to operate natively in these environments is growing. By teaming with leading open source and cloud-native technology providers, Instana optimized the delivery of intelligent analysis to customers deploying containerized, orchestrated microservice architectures.

Instana’s technology alliance announcements includes:

  • Named member of the OpenTracing Specification Committee
  • Silver Member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Membership in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network
  • Inclusion in Docker Store Marketplace
  • Certification in the Red Hat Tech Ready Partner Program

“With the diversity of cloud, container and microservice technology platforms, it’s important to work with partners like CNCF, OpenTracing, Docker, Red Hat and Amazon to help ensure that our customers’ applications achieve their performance goals,” said Pete Abrams, Instana COO and co-founder. “Today’s complex applications demand seamless interoperability and a monitoring solution which automatically manages across all the technologies.”

Instana’s APM solution, with OpenTracing Support, is available today. Learn more at