The monitoring company Sumo Logic today announced new capabilities that will provide developers with the ability to get faster insights into the performance of their applications.

These updates are being spread across a number of Sumo Logic’s offerings, including Real User Monitoring, Unified Entity Model, and Intelligent Alert Management.

Real User Monitoring updates include insights related to user actions on a page, long task delay metrics that indicate if the main browser interface has been locked for long periods of time, better dashboard visualizations, and capturing and displaying browser errors in the log index and dashboards. 

Unified Entity Model adds Database Entities, which automatically detects data, delivers a user-friendly grouping of database entities, and displays them, giving developers a more holistic view of data. Sumo Logic Entity Inspector also now displays related APM Entities on the Infrastructure Entity dashboard, which will make it easier to switch between contexts. 

Intelligent Alert Management introduces Intelligent Alert Grouping, which simplifies alert management by allowing developers to specify conditions for which alerts are generated.

“Reliability is a journey for any organization. Our goal is to give product, business leaders and developers a framework to prioritize what will make the most impact based on real data,” said Erez Barak, VP of product development for observability at Sumo Logic. “With these latest investments, we continue our track record of offering tools that bring innovation-driven insight into view and doing our part to transform enterprises for modern, digital business.”