Google is giving developers the Python support they have been asking for. The company has announced the Python runtime for the Google App Engine Flexible Environment with Python 3.4 and 2.7 support.

“Developers running Python on Google App Engine have long asked for support for Python 3 and third-party Python packages,” Amir Ruzrokh, product manager for Google, wrote in a post. “You can now develop applications in the Python version you prefer and create performant mobile and web back-ends using the frameworks and libraries of your choice.”

The App Engine Flexible Environment is designed to automatically scale apps up and down for developers so they can focus on writing code. It features Java, Servlet, Jetty, Node.js, and now Python runtimes; load balancing; microservices support; and traffic splitting.

As part of its open-source model, Google is making the Python runtime available on GitHub. In addition, the Python runtime has the ability to access services from any cloud platform provider.

“When running a Python application on App Engine, you can use the tools and databases you already know and love. Use Flask, Django, Pyramid, Falcon, Tornado or any other framework to build your app,” Ruzrokh wrote.

Google is providing a quickstart for developers who are new to App Engine, and recommends advanced developers take a look at the bookshelf tutorial.