The Microsoft Office Store preview  includes a new app to aid SharePoint users in adding intelligent metadata into documents so content can be more easily searched, shared, and summarized.
The app, one of two apps from unstructured data management company Pingar is called the Pingar Metadata Extraction App for SharePoint 2013. It takes the pain out of saving metadata for documents; ensuring readers can find the right document, in the right place, and at the right time. Applying consistent and comprehensive metadata for documents can be a time consuming and cumbersome challenge that results in inconsistent data. What is important to one reader or author may not be the same as what is important to another reader. Pingar’s Metadata Extraction App can identify keywords, addresses, people, dates and more, making metadata consistent and improve the discoverability of important information.
The store, currently in beta, displays apps to support Office 15. Pingar is proud to have two apps be among the very first apps Microsoft has approved for the store that help Office users to sort through increasing amounts of data to quickly find what they need.
The Pingar Summaries App for Word 2013 will create an accurate and readable summary of Word documents in seconds. This summary can be created to share and include in the document itself, or to share with others externally, for example in an email or blog post. A document’s readability can be improved by letting readers know the most important information, and why they should read on.