BEDFORD, Mass., Oct 08, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Progress  today announced a new appserver for developing and deploying next generation applications, the Progress Pacific Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge product. This next generation technology brings core systems and applications together with a high-productivity runtime environment, enabling enterprise developers to bridge the gap between yesterday’s mission-critical applications and the innovative technology needs of today’s organizations.

The Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge product provides an enterprise-class web/application server that simplifies the task of creating, deploying and operating business applications. It operates in environments that range from a single instance business application, up to a fully scalable cloud environment hosting multiple applications in a multi-tenant environment. It is designed to address the development and deployment requirements of a hybrid world (on-premise and the cloud).

For partners operating in a SaaS business model, the PAS for OpenEdge product provides a scalable and cloud-ready server that optimizes operations and reduces management costs. The modern application development platform unifies all of the Progress products into a single application server technology giving customers a familiar programming model, increased communications, simple/consistent installations and easier management. Most of today’s applications need a range of services and it’s very costly and time consuming to re-invent these services each time, the PAS for Openedge product reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Progress customers and partners by reducing the efforts of rewriting existing applications/services and allowing them to focus on innovation.


Michael Fechner, managing director at Consultingwerk, Ltd said: “We’re excited to bring the benefits of the Pacific AppServer for OpenEdge product to our customer base – it will be a huge step forward for our SmartComponent Library users. Simplified legacy code modernization, new session management capabilities and finally, improved application performance and scalability supported by an easy deployment process.”

Jerry Rulli, president, OpenEdge business unit at Progress said: “We’re in the midst of a dramatic shift in the industry. Customers are hungry for applications that provide choice in how, when and where they interact with consumer information. This proliferation of social channels, mobility and cloud computing calls for a next generation application architecture that didn’t exist until now. The Progress Pacific App Server brings together core systems and applications – giving OpenEdge application users the back-end support they need, while also addressing the needs of application developers as they build forward thinking systems of engagement.”