Apprenda, a deliverer of software-as-a-service products, has introduced the SaaSGrid API for Microsoft, a solution that allows Silverlight applications to be deployed as single-instance SaaS offerings.

SaaSGrid is an application server for .NET that provides data isolation so that end users can access the same instance of a Silverlight application without having anyone else access their data. It also manages feature and subscription access.

“SaaSGrid gives Microsoft-based developers, established ISVs and startups the ability to focus on application functionality, design and other elements, versus the technical and business hurdles associated with mature SaaS delivery,” said Sinclair Schuller, founder and CEO of Apprenda. Before founding Apprenda, Schuller held positions at Eden Communications, Morgan Stanley and the State University of New York.

Applications interact with SaaSGrid’s features through its API. The Silverlight applications are otherwise unchanged, according to the company.

“Companies stay .NET-native and leverage existing code assets, no lock-in,” said Apprenda corporate communications manager Nicole Messier.

The API also permits integrations with external systems. An SDK is installed within Visual Studio.

SaaSGrid is deployed within an organization’s data center, with or without cloud-based infrastructure as a service.