Progress announced the release of a series of new components within the Telerik product portfolio, as well as details on its donation to the .NET Foundation.

Available now, the latest release of Telerik UI libraries offers a series of new and innovative components dedicated to improving developer productivity, and enabling them to build a high performance, high quality user experience (UX).

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core is one of the first UI tools to offer built-in support for .NET Core 2.0. .NET Core is the cross-platform, open source, modular .NET platform for creating modern web apps, microservices, libraries and console applications for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Telerik UI for Xamarin is the first UI tool to offer predefined themes to be implemented with the new built-in theming mechanism in Xamarin. This mechanism enables developers to easily include, modify or change a theme within a Xamarin.Form project. This is a highly-requested feature for businesses looking for consistency and brand compliance across mobile applications.

In addition, a wide range of developers requested desktop functionality for mobile development. With today’s release, the CTP of the Telerik UI for Xamarin DataGrid control is now available. Built with performance in mind, the CTP enables CRUD and data operations including sorting, filtering and grouping as standard.

The Telerik desktop UI suites now offer a PDF Viewer control to enable PDF signing, filling and saving features. Developers no longer need to purchase multiple third-party tools and benefit from faster and easier document processing.

Finally, for those working with legacy code or more mature technologies, Progress has released sought-after feature enhancements, including the PDF signing, filing and saving capabilities mentioned above, as well as memory consumption optimization in the reporting tools and accessibility standards across the full portfolio of controls, in accordance with latest government accessibility standards.