IBM announced two new capabilities to help developers deliver intelligent application analysis throughout the DevOps pipeline.

The first one is IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) for IBM Z V, which allows developers to accelerate application development by enabling them to gain insight into their business-critical application estate after which they can immediately get updated analysis after every code change. 

The second is a new analyzed capability in IBM Wazi Developer V1.2 that helps developers discover and analyze relationships between components of their z/OS applications and understand the impact of any potential change.  

Sentry announces new support for React Native, Android and Xamarin
Sentry added performance monitoring capabilities to support React Native, Android, and Xamarin applications along with updates to its Flutter SDK. 

With the new capabilities, mobile developers can quickly identify, investigate and remediate errors and slowdowns in the application.

“Developers are under pressure to build and maintain exceptional applications and experiences across a host of different mobile devices and operating systems. Sentry for Mobile arms them with immediate, actionable insights so that they can act quickly to remediate issues and prevent user churn,” said Milin Desai, the CEO of Sentry. “These additions further expand our footprint, ensuring that all developers have visibility into the impact of their code—from frontend to backend—closing the observability gap and ensuring superior user experiences across all platforms and frameworks.”

Harness announces new updates to its open-source module
The updates to the open-source module include a new dev experience and user interface designed to mirror Harness’ software delivery platform. 

Developers can now understand why pipeline steps are execurity and in what order through a visual map and have access to live CI pipeline debugging builds that work on their computers rather than on the CI server. 

Also, managers now longer need to add users and control access to pipelines via a command line or the API with the newly enhanced governance and security capabilities.

Copado acquires DevSecOps company New Context 
The acquisition expands the Copado platform to enable enterprises to make quality, compliance and security more prevalent in their DevOps practices. 

New Context is a provider of multi-cloud DevSecOps services to large enterprise, infrastructure and government cloud customers.

“We are excited to bring New Context into the Copado family to address enterprise-scale DevSecOps and ensure quality in our customers’ delivery pipelines. By combining Copado DevOps and value stream technology with New Context’s breadth and knowledge of DevSecOps, enterprises can more efficiently navigate through multi-cloud digital transformations with less risk and more successful outcomes,” said Ted Elliott, the CEO of Copado.