So you’ve decided to become a web developer, but what kind of web developer do you want to be? Do you want to be a frontend or backend developer? Or maybe you want to be a DevOps developer?

To make life easier, Developer Roadmap provides a set of paths and technologies developers can look into in order to help them make that decision. For instance, frontend developers need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery as basic skills. Getting further into the frontend of development, you have to think about CSS frameworks, the responsive web, JavaScript frameworks, and other programming languages.

The backend of development requires you to choose a programming language, package manager, testing framework, development framework, websure, API NoSQL databases and more. “For the backend, personally I would prefer Node JS and PHP-7 for the full time plus I have been experimenting lately with Go and I quite like it. Apart from these, if I have to choose another one, I would go for Ruby. However this is just my personal preference, you can choose any of the shown languages and you will be good,” Kamran Ahmed, Developer Roadmap provider, wrote on the project’s GitHub page.

Going forward, Ahmed plans on adding a DevOps roadmap and other relevant resources for each roadmap.

Top 5 trending projects on GitHub this week
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#2. Interviews: Everything you need to know to nail your next software development interview
#3. Ctop: Top-like interface for container metrics
#4. Atlas: An Android client-side containerization framework
#5. FreeCodeCamp: The free coding curriculum went down a few spaces this week, but its trending streak continues!