We covered GitHub open-sourcing this week’s #1 project, the Atom text editor, earlier in the week.

#2: Pop was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.

#3: Atom Shell
An offshoot of Atom, the Atom Shell framework is a cross-platform desktop application shell that allows developers to write cross-platform desktop apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Based on Node.js and Chromium, it’s used of course in the Atom text editor.

#4: GitHub Cheat Sheet is a reigning champion of the GitHub Top 5, which has garnered a spot on the list for five weeks straight.

#5: Betty
Betty is a friendly English-like interface for command lines, which translates English phrases into commands. Developed by Jeff Pickhardt, it provides a way to use computers through natural input by completing tasks in the command line without leaving to search the Internet for the right command. “Don’t remember a command? Ask Betty.”