Guest View: Seven tips for increasing software deployments

More and more enterprises are realizing that a streamlined Continuous Delivery pipeline is an integral part of extracting maximum business value from the DevOps movement. The potential benefits of rolling out more frequent software deployments are enormous, but speed, agility and innovation must be balanced with stability and quality. Refocusing everything on delivering customer value … continue reading

Guest View: Trends shaping the future of enterprise software delivery

If I had to make a prediction about the future of software delivery, I would say that it will look a lot like it does now—but closer to perfection. Over the next five years or so, I expect the process of software development and delivery to be much smarter, faster and better because enterprises will … continue reading

Guest View: Six questions to ask about microservices and containers

Microservices and containers are perhaps the greatest potential change in how IT organizations deliver and run software services since the arrival of virtual machines. Such a change brings with it lots of interest and enthusiasm, and inevitably much hype and bandwagon-jumping, too. But, amid all the noise, let’s not forget that it’s early days yet—not … continue reading

Seven steps to continuous delivery

Implementation comes from a mix of these steps and the will to follow through on them … continue reading Protection Status