It pays to be a softie in software dev

Let’s be honest: software development has not always been the most worker-friendly world. Historically, crunch times made super-human demands on developers. This frequently resulted in highly-disgruntled employees, and ultimately led many developers to unionize against crunch culture. What’s more, the end-products of this culture were – unsurprisingly – not always optimal. Thankfully, today’s forward-thinking development … continue reading

More than 35 years later, why is C++ still so popular?

Despite C++’s downward trend on the TIOBE Programming Community index since 2001, the language’s fall from the coveted top two slots in 2020, vociferous and persistent claims that C++ is “dead like COBOL,” and the inroads the Rust is making in developer circles – C++ is still as viable, vital and relevant as ever.  There’s … continue reading Protection Status