Analyst Watch: The mobile app development debate

Over the past few years, I’ve handled hundreds of client inquiries on mobile app development approaches. The most common? “Should we go with a native development approach, use HTML5, or go hybrid?” The answer I give (“It depends”) isn’t simply an analyst’s cop-out. Legitimate reasons drive development teams to choose one (or more) approaches to … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Mobile’s toughest challenge: Offline

Parallel to the rise in importance of mobile apps comes increased emphasis on certain mobile platform services—geolocation, data service aggregation and home screen widgets, to name a few. Most of these are well understood by both consumers and developers, yet one sticks out as a challenge to both: offline access to app data. Business stakeholders … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Mobile development: Is your IT organization ready?

Handling the stresses of mobile development means revamping your software design and more … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Get on top of your role in mobile strategy and spending

You will need to be able to make how your organization implements a mobile development strategy; here’s how … continue reading Protection Status