premium The uncertainties of software testing and human health

As the world continues to deal with COVID-19-related uncertainty and risk, and changes that vary every day with every possible demographic, sources of positivity can seem scarce, or even non-existent at times. Confusion and dead-end paths are causes of worry for many, and I’m reminded that, for medical professionals—and software testers—they are powerful inspirations for … continue reading

Software testers’ talents brought to light at STARWEST

“We’re a lot stronger than you say we are…and you know it, don’t you?” – A Bug’s Life  Much to my children’s dismay, I ask that they sit down with me once every year or so to rewatch the 1998 movie, A Bug’s Life, in hopes that they’ll one day share my unpopular opinion that … continue reading

Guest View: If your metrics don’t add business value, stop collecting them

Keith Klain kicked off STAREAST 2016 last week, and there was one line in his keynote that stuck with me throughout the entire conference: “If you can’t draw a straight line between your business objectives and your test approach, you’re doing it wrong.” As I started to think of all of the little activities that … continue reading

Guest View: What’s keeping you from Continuous?

I love that quote from Ricky Gervais. It typically resides in a corner of my monitor, where it reminds me that no matter how much organizational or grammatical debt I’ve accumulated, it’s never too late to get to work on what matters most to me. As I saw at the recent STARWEST 2015 testing conference, … continue reading

Guest View: Automated testing’s ROI is right under your nose

The debate on test automation has always been fascinating to me. Huge supporters and practitioners of exploratory testing and other manual testing efforts have often been quick to voice their skepticism of those who touted automation as a golden ticket to “better” testing results. Those on the other side of the fence have wondered how … continue reading Protection Status