Quantitative management, transparency and trust

Looking at quantities alone does not provide a solid picture as to where a project is at … continue reading

“Clouptimization” — The strategic force of 2012

If you haven’t seen how cloud is changing the way businesses are run, you need to get on board … continue reading

The quality of your workday counts!

There are small steps teams can take to improve their daily processes, which leads to greater efficiency … continue reading

Manifesto for software craftsmanship, and four dimensions of quality

The Software Craftsmanship movement was born out of the perception that agile methodology wasn’t mindful enough of quality … continue reading

SQL: More than three decades old and still thriving!

The database language has come a long way, but today it faces new challenges … continue reading

Guest View: The ten best influences on software product engineering

From agile’s growth to social networking, software product engineering underwent a major transformation this past decade … continue reading

Watts Humphrey’s road to excellence is worth following

After enduring early trials, Humphrey crafted a philosophy that allows anyone to focus on overcoming obstacles … continue reading

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