SharePoint 2013 Display Templates for everyone

The Content Search Web Part removes major obstacles that faced users of the Content Query Web Part … continue reading

A walk through branding with the SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

Using these steps can get your custom design on your SharePoint site … continue reading

Pulling in content with a Content Editor Web Part

Your pages can take in data from HTML documents … continue reading

Use the SharePoint 2010 theme engine

With a little effort, you can gain complete mastery over the look and feel of your SharePoint sites … continue reading

Branding SharePoint

Making your SharePoint site look the way you want it to can be tricky, but here’s how it’s done … continue reading

Managing your SharePoint site with SharePoint Designer

It can even be quicker to make changes in a site or list using SharePoint Designer than it is with the browser … continue reading

SharePoint ribbon headers—A quick branding tip

If you want to change the colors of the text in the ribbon, there’s a rather simple way to do it … continue reading

Language translation options in SharePoint 2010

Multilingual User Interface and Variations are two ways a SharePoint admin can translate his or her SharePoint site … continue reading

Moving Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Ryan Keller walks you through using the import/export process to move Web Parts around … continue reading

Moving Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Ryan Keller walks users through the quirks in the administrative and end-user aspects of SharePoint … continue reading

Document Sets in SharePoint 2010

Ryan Keller goes over Document Sets, which help organizations manage many related documents at the same time … continue reading

Spotlight on 2010: Moving Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Ryan Keller navigates you through the tricky process of moving Web parts around a page … continue reading

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