premium SD Times October 2022

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. This issue takes a look at security of low code applications, the importance of communication in hybrid work, and the differences between Web3 and Web 3.0.         … continue reading

Development today: Short-term benefits, long-term risks.

For all the talk of server and network security, the fact remains that applications are among the main attack vectors leveraged by bad actors. This is so because development teams are focused on delivering new functionality and features as quickly as possible. They are not usually trained in security practices, and often have little desire … continue reading

premium SD Times September 2022

The September 2022 issue is now available. This issue of SD Times offers a look into the role of UI/UX testing in customer satisfaction, why the web framework hype train is always moving, and the project management task you (almost) never complete.             … continue reading

The real cost of bad data

It is a well-established fact in software delivery that the earlier in the life cycle you can find and fix an issue, the less costly it is to remediate. In the world of data, inaccurate inputs can cost a company not only time to repair, but it can mean lost revenue due to the inability … continue reading

SBOMs can help ensure software integrity

To secure the software in your supply chain, there’s a lot of hype today about the need for an SBOM (software bill of materials). But what does that really mean for development teams today? BOMs have been used for years by organizations; they are a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, … continue reading

Asking developers to do security is a risk in itself without training

As the pace and complexity of software development increases, organizations are looking for ways to improve the performance and effectiveness of their application security testing, including “shifting left” by integrating security testing directly into developer tools and workflows. This makes a lot of sense, because defects, including security defects, can often be addressed faster and … continue reading

premium SD Times August 2022

The August issue of SD Times is now available. This issue shares the biggest challenges that developer managers are facing now, the future of working in the Metaverse, and the current state of automated testing. … continue reading

Flatirons Fuse: Simplifying data imports

The challenge of moving data between platforms, between organizations, or even something as seemingly simple as onboarding a new customer, has been a pervasive one, especially considering how important accurate and available data is to pretty much every business. The problem of transferring data has led to numerous file formats, notably Excel spreadsheets and multiple … continue reading

premium SD Times July 2022

The latest issue of the magazine is here. This issue features a look at service virtualization, why transferring workload automation is one of the hardest parts of a cloud migration, and how companies are trying to combat burnout in developers. … continue reading

SD Times 100

The great actor Sally Field, upon winning her Academy Award in 1984 for “Places in the Heart,” understood that the trophy meant that a rising Hollywood star had gotten the recognition for her on-screen work that she had longed for. It came not just from industry insiders, but from the general public at large. Fast … continue reading

premium SD Times June 2022

The June issue of SD Times is now available. This issue feature our SD Times 100 winners, as well as a look at effective communication in project management, how microservices push the testing focus from UI to API, and more.                   … continue reading

premium SD Times May 2022

The latest issue of SD Times is now available. This month’s issue features a deep dive into infrastructure as code, how to provide a good customer experience, and how to best utilize collaboration tools in hybrid work settings. … continue reading

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