Guest View: What skills to look for to build an efficient development team

The success or failure rate of a development team can largely be correlated with the expertise and skill sets represented by its individual members. Sometimes, software development C-level officers can become so mired in the myriad aspects of running a business and getting products released as quickly as possible that they lose sight of what … continue reading

Guest View: Bridging the developer-tester divide

Software testers may at times feel like their efforts are not fully appreciated by project programmers and developers. In some instances, they may even face a great deal of disdain from these parties and be seen as drags on the production process. These conditions can become so far gone that quality assurance teams may feel … continue reading

Guest View: Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment: What’s the difference?

To better support developer and quality assurance personnel, it will be important to understand the characteristics of Continuous Delivery and deployment as well as what makes them unique. In today’s tech landscape, a wide variety of keywords and acronyms have emerged, and all of this jargon has often made processes and concepts more confusing. For … continue reading

Guest View: Why testing metrics are critical to the QA process

Test metrics are an integral part of the QA process. They provide granular information that helps engineers accurately assess the quality of software builds and figure out what is and isn’t working in the testing process. Metrics are the building blocks of progress and improvement in software creation. Examples of test metrics and what they … continue reading

The right time for agile development

Depending on how you use it, agile can be an unexpected boon to your development practices … continue reading Protection Status