Winning or losing, it’s all about performance. Here’s how to build yours in

Performance is all around us. It’s something we experience every moment of our waking lives, whether we’re counting on a response from some specific device, network, vehicle, whatever system we’re in the habit of using. “Things” either perform as we expect them to, or they don’t. When systems perform as expected, all is well. You … continue reading

Don’t let finger-pointing paralyze development efforts

Remove siloes and other barriers, and use agile approaches to cut down on infighting that derails projects … continue reading

With agile, focus on application performance

In order to do agile right, you have to incorporate it into the entirety of your organization … continue reading

Your mobile app can do more harm than good

Even small errors and problems with your app can do big damage to your image, so tread carefully … continue reading Protection Status