The dynamic nature of markets, such as banking, healthcare and retail have led to a way organizations put together teams. With companies being more global and virtual than they’ve ever been, the ability to capture and understand the expertise of staff and consultants is greater than ever.

So believes Avanade, which launched in May a new social computing tool called ExpertSource. “When you need to staff new initiatives, a key success factor is identifying the correct people,” said Markus Sprenger, global solutions director at Avanade, which is a joint venture between Microsoft and the consulting company Accenture. “You have to capture and structure this knowledge in a cohesive way.”

ExpertSource, built on SharePoint 2010, utilizes the FAST search technology, the new metadata management component, and taxonomy management to help organizations capture, define and retrieve skill sets, certifications and past project successes, as well as ratings and the amount of knowledge a person has learned.

“Organizations are no longer structured, with teams completing repetitive tasks,” said Sprenger. “Teams are now coming together across boundaries, such as geography, departments and even language.” ExpertSource, he said, gives “a 360-degree view” of a person and his or her expertise.