Badgeville, The Behavior Platform and global gamification leader, today announced the availability of its Microsoft SharePoint connector. Improving employee adoption of SharePoint’s key collaborative features, Badgeville for SharePoint helps companies derive the transformative value they always wanted from their SharePoint investments.

Leveraging The Behavior Platform’s smart gamification elements and integrating them seamlessly with SharePoint functionality, companies can measure, influence and reward key user behaviors inside SharePoint that improve knowledge sharing, document management and overall engagement. Companies can reward behaviors across their entire SharePoint instance, or leverage The Behavior Platform’s Advanced Behaviors functionality to reward valuable actions in SharePoint by a particular department or area of expertise.

Track and reward the following user behavior:
• Document Management (create, contribute)
• Creating, editing, or contributing to a wiki page
• Starting or participating in a discussion thread
• Posting or responding to a blog
• Posting a comment on content (docs, wikis, blogs, discussion threads)
• Viewing pages
• Rating content
• Voting on content
• Liking content
• Tagging content

Badgeville’s Game Mechanics borrow design and behavioral psychology principles inherent in today’s social games to drive desired user behavior and adoption across the websites applications or world-class companies. In addition to tracking and rewarding key behaviors, Badgeville for SharePoint allows organizations to embed smart Gamification elements from The Behavior Platform inside their SharePoint environment.

These gamification elements include leaderboards, achievement showcases, profiles, and an activity stream that shows what rewards and levels of achievement SharePoint users haveunlocked.

“SharePoint has the robust toolset to foster a more collaborative, social workforce,” says Kris Duggan, Badgeville’s CEO. “To maximize SharePoint’s value, companies need to turbocharge the user adoption and value their employees derive from key features. Applying the same proven engagement mechanics that power some of the web’s most addictive social networks and games, The Behavior Platform helps companies keep their employees in synch and serve customers more efficiently than ever before.”

Badgeville for SharePoint works with all versions of SharePoint 2010.