The ability to clearly communicate information through reports utilizing data visualization is of critical importance to most organizations, so Bamboo Solutions has announced the release of Chart Plus R3.5 for SharePoint 2010.

The new features available in the latest Chart Plus release include the ability to:
• Read data from Excel workbooks to generate charts using Excel Services (Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 files are supported);
• Display charts from an external list using External Content Type based on SQL Server Table data;
• Use a Secure Store Service account to connect and display charts from a SQL Server table on an external SQL server;
• Dynamically filter charts using Runtime Filter View;
• Dynamically filter charts using Web Part Connection;
• Filter charts based on SQL table data using criteria options;
• Use interactive reports to quickly and dynamically change a bar chart to a pie chart or a line chart, and back again;
• Click the chart to get to the data source (where the data source is a SharePoint list);
• Edit format data series labels; and
• Enable and edit tooltips for bubble charts on mouseover.

For details on how to configure all of the new features available in version 3.5, Chau Huynh has prepared a comprehensive User’s Guide to Chart Plus 3.5 series.