To celebrate the creative use of technology, Google wants one lucky developer artist to be a part of it. Google has teamed up with the Barbican, Europe’s largest multi-arts conference venue, in order to create a DevArt interactive gallery to be displayed at the Digital Revolution exhibition this summer.

(The DevArt gallery is not affiliated with the company called Devart.)

DevArt, according to Google, is art created by developers using code and technology.

“I sometimes hear phrases like ‘Artists create, developers code,’ but nothing could be further from the truth,” wrote Paul Kinlan, developer advocate and aspiring creative coder, on Google’s Developers blog. “We are all a creative bunch with a passion for exploring and creating amazing works that push the boundaries of what we believe is possible with modern computing technology.”

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Four of the world’s top interactive artists, Zach Lieberman, Karsten Schmidt, and duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet, have already been commissioned for the exhibition, and Google is looking for one more. Developers have until March 28 to submit their entries to Google’s DevArt contest.

Sample art from Guljajeva and Canet.

The only requirement is that developers use at least one of Google’s technologies from any of the four categories:
• Programming languages: Go or Dart
• Toolkits: Google Web Toolkit or Polymer
• Platforms: Android, Chrome apps, App Engine or Google Compute Engine
• APIs: The full list of Google’s APIs can be found here

Judging will be based on a developer’s idea, materials and open process. There will be four rounds as part of the contest:
• Round 1: Entries will be screened to make sure they meet the requirements
• Round 2: Quarter-finalists will be selected
• Round 3: Semi-finalists will be selected
• Round 4: The winner will be selected

The wining contestant, selected on April 15, will receive £25,000, Google developer support and production support from the Barbican Centre.

The Digital Revolution exhibition will run from July 3 to Sept. 14.

More information about the contest can be found here.