BigPanda is helping DevOps teams troubleshoot and maintain infrastructures at scale with the latest release of its Alert Correlation Platform. The update features Unified Search, Incident Dashboards and new integrations.

“Companies looking to mature their operational processes to better support end customers can now unify and visualize monitoring data across their organizations, drastically reduce mean time to resolution and increase uptime with these new features,“ said Assaf Resnick, CEO of BigPanda.

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Unified Search eliminates the need for operational teams to search for data within each monitoring tool by giving them access to all their alert data in one place. The operational health dashboards give Ops teams the ability to visualize the health of their apps, services and infrastructure with personalized dashboards in order to help them detect and respond to issues quickly. Dashboards can be customized by specific indicators such as incident counts by status, percentage of active incidents, the increase or decrease in the amount of incidents, and how incidents change.

In addition, BigPanda now integrates with Atlassian’s JIRA and HipChat, Datadog, and Splunk.