BiTKOO, the leading provider of XACML and fine-grained authorization solutions, today announced the release of its latest version of Keystone for SharePoint. Following the success of Keystone for SharePoint 2007, Keystone for SharePoint 2010 takes full advantage of the claims capabilities in SharePoint 2010, and helps address the real-world security demands placed on enterprises for enhanced authentication, authorization and audit services.

Keystone for SharePoint 2010 enables organizations to effectively and efficiently provide enterprise-class security throughout their SharePoint environment without impacting the SharePoint user experience in any way with these key features:

• The Keystone STS (Security Token Service) allows for the consumption of authentication from any authentication source and not just Active Directory.
• Keystone for SharePoint 2010 provides fine-grained access control to any artifact in SharePoint by utilizing the Keystone XACML 3.0 engine.
• Keystone for SharePoint 2010 adds important security controls, such as the ability to control access to any artifact based on artifact metadata.
• The enforcement of authorization rules is facilitated in an easy-to-understand, consistent manner. For the first time ever security-conscious organizations can obtain reports of who has access to precisely what artifacts.
• Keystone for SharePoint 2010 enforces Segregation of Duty rules, Information Barrier rules, and can restrict access to features within SharePoint to authorized personnel only.
• Organizations can host SharePoint on premises or in the cloud without the need to replicate their authentication sources to the cloud and without the need to change their authentication mechanism.

“As a long-time supporter of Microsoft SharePoint, BiTKOO continues with our dedication to maximizing security for SharePoint,” said Doron Grinstein, CEO of BiTKOO. “We are confident that Keystone for SharePoint 2010 will provide our customers with a strong solution for securing their most sensitive resources hosted by SharePoint 2010 at the lowest total cost of ownership available.”

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