SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2015 — BlazeMeter, the continuous testing as a service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced the Mobile Recorder, an industry first feature that enables users to easily create performance tests by recording native apps directly from their mobile devices even with secure connections. This new solution helps reduce testing time from hours to minutes.

The Mobile Recorder is the latest addition to BlazeMeter’s Mobile Testing Suite, which allows users to run performance and scalability tests for mobile apps and websites from multiple geographical locations.

This new functionality simplifies the final challenge faced by mobile testers – the creation of the test itself using a native mobile app without jailbreaking or setting up any recording software. Previously, creating the test script was a notoriously problematic, tedious, and time-consuming task, especially when it came to native mobile apps with secure connections. BlazeMeter’s Mobile Recorder easily creates the test script by simply recording user activity on the device.

“We’re proud to introduce the Mobile Recorder which transforms the face of mobile app testing and reduces testing times from hours to a matter of minutes. A complete solution for testing native mobile apps has been long awaited, and we’re delighted to deliver this simple solution to the market,” said, Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder of BlazeMeter.

The Mobile Recorder can be easily configured on any mobile device including iOS and Android phones and tablets. It works by intercepting and recording all HTTP and HTTPS traffic going from the device to the backend server, and subsequently measures and verifies the response. This recording can be simply edited and downloaded as a JSON or JMeter file before running the test. Alternatively, users can instantly run the test using the BlazeMeter platform.

The Mobile Recorder is available upon request to BlazeMeter customers. A demo of the Mobile Recorder can be scheduled by contacting BlazeMeter directly.